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The Wine Pros of Minnesota is an industry-only email list to give your first shot at classes and seminars to grow your wine business.
  • Bringing in experts from in the beverage industry and outside of our industry for you to meet and learn from? Check!
  • Seminars and programs for your employees and co-workers to grow? Yep!
  • A tsunami of ideas to help your business become more profitable? Oh yeah.
  • NOTE: To join this group you must work in the wine industry in the state of Minnesota.

    Who's eligible to join?
  • Wine retailers (owners, managers, employees)
  • Restaurant industry (owners, managers, servers, bartenders)
  • Wholesalers (managers, sales reps, and all other employees)
  • Winery reps (international, national, or Minnesota)
  • Sommeliers
  • Wine Consultants and Educators
  • Minnesota based wine and food bloggers

The goal of Wine Pros of Minnesota? To help you sell more wine, find greater happiness, learn to use cool tools and techniques, expand your business creativity, and make more money no matter where you are in the supply or sales chain.

It doesn't get more crystal clear than that!

Questions? Check out our why/FAQ page.


Other stuff:

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